Why Freshly Foraged?
Freshly Foraged is committed to crafting products for our customers that will allow them to lead happier, healthier lives. Our products are created with high-quality cannabis extracts containing over 80 different cannabinoids in combination with a spectrum of other beneficial herbs and plant extracts.
Full Spectrum
Each of our products contain whole plant extract, harnessing the powers of a range of cannabinoids. Our methods promote the beneficial properties of the cannabinoid family to offer a synergistic, balanced, and whole bodied effect.
Plant Synergy
Our recipes contain both cannabis and other beneficial herbs. This unique way of crafting cannabis products has been rooted in ancient practices for thousands of years.
Natural and Organic
Freshly Foraged is proud to promote clean, pure, and organic products without any unnecessary chemicals or additives.
High Bioavailability
Our products are created through a nanoemulsification process. This method allows for a higher bioavailablity, which equals a more efficient absorption in the body.
Third Party Tested
All of our products go through third-party verification to ensure every batch is consistent, pure, and does not contain any harmful chemicals or pesticides. Every product is guaranteed to include a balanced ratio of full spectrum cannabis extract and THC.
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